Bolder video is:

Tim Nolte


Tim founded Bolder Video to raise the bar in commercial video production in Colorado.

His 8 years teaching classes as a Creative Genius at Apple taught him the power of simplicity. He picked up a Master Pro certification in Final Cut Studio along the way. He then shot over 30 long form video courses for Craftsy (now a part of NBC/Universal).

Tim’s award winning narrative work has given him experience in every aspect of production and post; everything from editing, to directing, to visual effects.

He has a passion for craft beer, escape rooms, and pushing production value several steps higher than expected.

David Quakenbush

Before he discovered film David pursued a diverse creative career, including graphic design, copy writing, photography, UX work, and fine art.

He combined these skills, and picked up a few new ones during his ten year tenure as the staff Media Producer at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design.

His secret talent lies in re-framing complex systems so they are easy to comprehend, then matching those concepts with charming narrative and a lucid visual language.

He is passionate about Virtual Reality, immersive art experiences, and ensuring every single Bolder Video production hits a home run for their clients.

Prior to formally joining forces under the Bolder Video banner Tim and David collaborated on numerous independent narrative projects. Their distinct perspectives and overlapping skills are unified in the Bolder choices they make with their clientele. They are both graduates of the Colorado Film School Writing and Directing program, one of Hollywood Reporter’s top 25 film schools.